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Demon Killer EC Coil, 0.3ohm

Demon Killer EC Coil, 0.3ohm

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Demon Killer

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Product Introduction

Here comes the high quality Demon Killer Flame Coil made of advanced 316L/Ni80 material.

The Demon Killer Flame Coil are designed for atomizer DIY as rebuild coils.

They're ideal spare part for RTA, RDA and RDTA tanks.

Just get them for your rebuildable tanks.


          A 28GA*2+38GA, 0.4ohm
          B 28GA*3+38GA, 0.3ohm
          C (28GA*2)+38GA, 0.4ohm
          D 26GA*3+38GA, 0.12ohm
          E 26GA*2+38GA, 0.2ohm
          F (26GA*2)+38GA, 0.3ohm
          A 28GA*2+38GA, 0.5ohm
          B 28GA*3+38GA, 0.35ohm
          C (28GA*2)+38GA, 0.5ohm
          D 26GA*3+38GA, 0.25ohm
          E 26GA*2+38GA, 0.25ohm
          F (26GA*2)+38GA, 0.3ohm
Quantity: 6pcs/pack

It comes with

  • 1x Demon Killer Flame Coil 2pcs