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Kangertech 1.8ohm Coils

Kangertech 1.8ohm Coils

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KangerTech SOCC Single Coil Unit


Product Introduction

5pcs KangerTech SOCC Single Coil Unit for KangerTech Cartomizers, including EVOD/Protank/Mini Protank/Protank-II/Mini Protank-II/Unitank/ Mini Unitank. Four resistances available. Sing coil brings better quality and efficiency.



Material: Japanese organic cotton wick

Resistances: 1.5ohm, 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm and 2.5ohm


SOCC coil unit comes with:

  • 1 x 5pcs KangerTech SOCC Single Coil Unit for KangerTech Cartomizers


How to replace the coil unit/coil head?

Turn upside down the cartomizer, then screw off the bottom base. Take out the old coil unit from the bottom base, replace with new one.  Make sure that the coil unit is screwed into the cartomizer tightly.
Please note that it must not dry burn. Coil must prime with juice for 30 seconds before vaping.


It can work with EVOD/Protank/Mini Protank/Protank-II/Mini Protank-II/Unitank/ Mini Unitank cartomizers.



  • It can work with
Mini Protank
Mini Protank-II
Mini Unitank cartomizers.